Now Reimbursable In The State Of Nevada!

tele•health (noun) ; 1.The delivery of service from a provider of healthcare to a patient at a different location through the use of information and audio-visual communication technology, not including telephone, facsimile or electronic mail. 2.The use of a telecommunications system to substitute for an in person encounter for professional consultations, office visits, office psychiatry services, and a limited number of other services.

- Clinical Benefits -

  • Caseload balance
  • Timely, predictable patient interaction
  • Efficient delivery method
  • Expanded delivery network
  • Alternate delivery
  • Increase in patient interaction
  • Increase overall system capacity
  • Reduction in Patient transfers cost
  • Specialized delivery network
  • Manage costs
  • Patient at center of care
  • Financially viable model
  • Delivered at an affordable service rate

- Social Benefits -

  • 24/7 real time access
  • Sense of security
  • Transparent care delivery
  • Peace of mind
  • Active participation
  • Care provider coordination

- Who Benefits? -

  • Families
  • Health care providers
  • Community hospitals
  • Specialty hospitals/facilities
  • Primary physicians clinics
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Pulmonary
  • Cardiology
  • Infectious disease
  • Speech language pathology
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Telemental health
  • …And others, regardless of location.


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